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Company invites law, science, marketing, foreign language professionals to join the enterprise, companies create a good working environment, tailored training plan, rich welfare system, so that their potential talent within the company, and the companies jointly progress.
Job Status
Patent Partner
1, They are responsible for the patent application and process management of machinery, computers, communications, electronics and other fields, including patent drafting, patent infringement analysis, patent search and examination notices reply comments, etc.;
2, Responsible for patent reexamination and invalidation, infringement litigation and other transaction processing;
3, Irresponsible for developing and maintaining a certain customer relationships;
1, Bachelor degree or above, Graduation, Obtain patent qualification more than three years;
2, Have abundant customer resources, with a strong marketing capability;
3, Search domestic and foreign patent , have strong analytical skills;
4, For an application case of the profession, have a higher level of treatment, divisional capacity (including real trial responses);
5, With a strong team management skills.
 Marketing Consultant of Intellectual Property
1, Independently pioneer agency business of trademark, patent and copyright ;
2, Business meetings with customers and contracts;
3, Performance the contract, responsible for solving a variety of problems of the customer, and collect payment;
4, Maintaining good customer relations, regular visits.
1 Degree or above, patented business experience preferred;
2, More than a year of work experience in the patent market development;
3, Good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and high efficiency;
4, Proficient in all types of office software.
Patent Agent of electronics

1, Write high-quality patent application documents ,reply to review comments;
2, Involved in handling the review, invalid, and the patent litigation;
3, patent search consulting, patent mining, patent analysis and report writing.
1, Communications, computers, electronics, automation-related Bachelor degree or above;
2, Communications, computers, electronics related fields for more than 2 years experience in domestic patent agent or patent examination work experience;
3, To experience domestic or foreign patent services in large communications companies ,can have a priority;
4, Have work enthusiasm for the patent agency , initiative attitude, responsible, rigorous, good team spirit.

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