Electronics & Electricity
Wire and wireless communications; optical telecommunications; precise device; computer software and hardware; information processing semiconductor elements and materials; laser technique; optoelectronics; image processing; automation.
Mechanics & Designs
Mechanical & electrical apparatus; moulds; internal combustion engines; transmissions; packing machines; auto control; tires and transportation equipment; casting; precise apparatus; auto control; metal cut processing; electronic device.
Chemistry, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutics
Inorganic, organic and pharmaceutical chemistry; Chinese medical science and medicine; biotechnology; polymer; medicine synthesis; metal organic chemistry; steroid chemistry; insect pheromone; photovoltaic material, food and biochemistry; medical instruments.
Law & Litigators
Prosecution; assignment; licensing and administrative litigation involving patent and trademark; infringement analysis and litigation; unfair competition lawsuits.
VOSON-FORESTSONG is furthermore specializing in:
·         Filing patent applications, request for re-examination, revocation and invalidation of a patent right and other matters;
·         Bringing matters on appeal to the people's court on behalf of clients in case of disagreement with the decision rendered following re-examination, revocation, or invalidation in respect of a patent right;
·         Services concerning consultation, investigation, evidence gathering, request for administrative mediation, institution of legal proceedings in the court for the interested party;
·         Services related to licensing and assignment of patents;
·         Services related to patent search and infringement analysis;
·         Trademark application and protection;
·         Filing trademark applications, request for re-examination, opposition adjudication of disputes and cancellation of improperly registered trademarks;
·         Services related to licensing and assignment of trademarks;
·         Consultation and search service of trademarks;
·         Services such as consultation, investigation and evidence gathering for trademark disputes, filling request for administrative punishment, institution of legal proceedings on behalf of clients;
·         Providing infringement supervision service for clients through network established in the main cities of PRC;
·         Other business in connection to intellectual property matters;
·         Legal services on copyright protection and registration of computer software;
·         Legal services on technical trade, investment, evaluation of intangible assets with respect to consultation, drafting of contract and negotiation;
·         Domain name dispute resolutions;
·         Customs recordation of IPR and border control measures against infringement;
·         Company and market investigations for IP enforcement;
·         Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets Protection;
·         Intellectual property infringement investigations and remedies;
·         Translation of technical and other legal documents.
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