Corporation Intellectual Property Presentation—Defense Technology Research and Test Center of CHINA AEROSPACE SCIENCE & INDUSTRY CORP. (called the CASIC)
Author: Wang Qing

On Jan 13, 2014, invited by CASIC, our general manager, senior Patent Attorney, Mr. Li Hong held an unusually brilliant chair on “Patent Basic Knowledge/Patent Compose and Excavate” in the conference room with sixty attendee approximately.
In this chair, Mr. Li Hong introduce the background knowledge of Patent, emphasis on the issue we should pay any attention to when research staff preparing invention disclosure. Each attendee explained their technical proposal and Invention point in detail. Mr. Li Hong answered each question patiently on Protection Types of Patent. The practical difficulties encountered by Inventor in the Intellectual property application and protection was solved through this chair, and it helps Inventor’s preparation working on Patent protection more perfect and makes the scope of protection of Patent more favorable to Inventor in the future.
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