“Voson” is Granted the Title of Advanced Enterprise of Private Association of Haidian District in 2013.
Author: Yu Dai
In March 2014, "Voson" obtained the title of "advanced enterprise" issued by Private Association in Haidian District. It is the result of the outstanding enterprise culture and the employee's continuous efforts.
Someone says: the society is a big stage, it depends on who is better; others say: the competition is a set of aerobic exercise which can relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation; but I want to say that the advanced enterprise culture and the excellent service concept are the energy resource of the enterprise. Give the passion and harvest the success.
First of all, for the enterprise, the managing principle is the accumulation of the enterprise culture, and it is the essence that could not be copied by the rivals.  Therefore, the successful enterprises all have the distinctive managing principle. As an enterprise having a history of more than 10 years in the intellectual property industry, we have adhered to the principle of “create value for clients”, strive to provide every client with professional, high-quality, efficient service.
Secondly, as an advanced enterprise, the enterprise's cohesion is indispensable. Since the opening of our business, we continuously focus on the training of the cohesion, how to strengthen the good communication between employees of the enterprise, keep and develop a team spirit and the cohesion in daily life; how to create the sustainable development environment for the employees, the enterprise insist on sustainable development and at the same time how to strengthen the sustainable development of the staff; and how to strengthen the construction of enterprise norms, exercise leadership functions correctly.
At last, as an advanced enterprise in haidian district, it is not an end of honor, but a beginning. Our company will uphold the advanced managing principle in the future, continuously go ahead, continuous innovation, and create a more brilliant in the intellectual property industry.
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