China Open to Discussing IPR Issues with Other Countries

China is proactive in discussing the intellectual property rights (IPR) issues with other parts of the world with an open attitude, a Chinese official said.
"The Chinese government has always attached great importance to IPR protection, building an ever-improving IPR regime and making remarkable achievements," Chen Fuli, the IPR commissioner at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, told a China-U.S. IPR workshop held here Thursday.
He said it was the third time that Chinese government held such exchange event on IPR overseas, which is aimed at promoting a sound atmosphere for global IPR cooperation.
The United States appreciates the Chinese government's efforts in IPR protection over recent years and hopes Beijing to play a bigger role in that respect, said Mark Cohen, a senior advisor at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office under the Commerce Department.
"I think the actions that Chinese courts tried to upload all the judgments onto their websites are useful for protecting intellectual property," said Daniel Duncan, a senior director for government affairs at Mcgraw Hill Financial.
"Before, even though our company won a lawsuit on intellectual property in China, other companies can't know it. So it's difficult for them to know the legal boundary, which leads copyright infringements happen again and again," Duncan added.
About 100 delegates from Chinese and U.S. government agencies, corporations and research institutions joined the workshop. 
(Source: Xinhua)
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