Samsung Loses Patent Lawsuit in S. Korea Against Apple

Samsung Electronics, the world's No. 1 smartphone maker, lost the patent lawsuit in South Korea with its archrival Apple after a Seoul court ruled that the iPhone maker did not violate Samsung's patents.
The Seoul Central District Court ruled Thursday that among three patents Samsung claimed Apple infringed on, two patents cannot be accepted as Samsung's unique, leading-edge technology and the other cannot be viewed as the same technology between Samsung and Apple.
The three technologies under the legal dispute included those related with multi-tasking service while writing text messages.
Samsung and Apple, the world's top two smartphone makers, have been embroiled in a legal battle, called "patent war of the century," in more than 10 countries across the globe.
In November, a U.S. jury issued a verdict that orders Samsung to pay Apple 290 million U.S. dollars in damages for copying key features of its iPhone and iPad devices.
The figure was lower than the 1.05-billion-dollar damages, imposed by the previous jury in August 2012, but higher than 52.7 million dollars Samsung sought to pay. Apple request 379.8 million dollars in damages from Samsung.
In a separate lawsuit in August 2012, Samsung won Apple after another Seoul court ruled that the Cupertino-based iPhone maker infringed on Samsung's two standard patents for data transmission technology.
(Source: China Daily)
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